Kaley Cuoco at the pages of the latest issue Women`s Health

The star of the series "The Big Bang Theory" Kaley Cuoco shot for the cover of the magazine Women`s health. In addition to the cover, the 28-year-old actress graced your photos a few turns of the magazine, showing a slim figure and a short haircut.

In an interview with comedian told about their roles, favorite foods and the benefits of family life.

Kaley Cuoco on the cover of the September Women`s health

On the role of Penny in "The Big Bang Theory»:

"I'll take on any role, no matter what I was offered. Usually people say, "Oh, you always play the same type of role." To which I say, "Okay, if the role of Penny, or any other" neighbor girl "was so predictable, I would only be happy, because then for me has always been to work." That is my view of things and I'm trying to learn all possible aspects of my profession. I absolutely love all genres of film, but a comedy to me - №1 »
Kaley Cuoco pages Women`s health

About food, from which can not refuse:

"Everything. I love everything. I guess I could not give up the burger - it's my weakness. In the evening, be sure to eat alone, starving. When I make a break in the diet, I want the big, juicy burgers. Here and now! »
Kaley Cuoco pages Women`s health

On the benefits of marriage:

"The best thing about marriage - that's what your friend is always with you. My friend is always there: I have someone to dinner, talk, drink, cry. He will do everything for me, it would be necessary, and I will do everything for him. We - a couple that comes home with, orders the same food, watching one TV show and we love it. Several times I asked my husband, "Are we so boring?", To which he replied: "No, we are the best." That's how we live - I personally such a "family routine" very congenial »

Kaley Cuoco pages Women`s health


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