Park Universal Studios in Los Angeles

Tour of the film studios studio Universal Studios ...

In the first photo shop magnets represent!
Large shop, where all the walls are sprinkled with magnets.

It turned out that there are only two attractions: Mummy and Jurassic Park. Before Mummy I was forced to hand over all the storage chamber. My equipment in a locker not climbed ^ and had to rent two. We went. Corridor. Semidarkness. Creak. Moans. We sat down. Fastened. Go. Darkness. Silence. Someone invisible slowly pulls up our truck. Suddenly, as if she was given a kick in the ass * and we have suffered. Screech. Darkness. Shouts. Overload. Tumbling from the ceiling skeletons. Speed. Nausea. Stop. Trolley rose sharply. Then there is the rail. Wall. And then, suddenly, we flew back. Backwards. I can not see anything. Ahead quickly removed twinkling lights. Behind the sound of approaching the next trolley and others shouting. Many of the mat. Parting. Stop. We got up. Slowly, with a screech, the truck started to turn around on the spot. The wall opened, and we went back to the start. Unbuckled. They went out. Shakes. Sick. Corridor. Semidarkness. Door. Shine. Ufff.

The next attraction - Jurassic Park. Most floating carriage slowly moves in the clubs of water vapor between the plastic dinosaurs, spitting water in different directions. At the end of the truck being dragged into a black tunnel and throw down under the screams of passengers

In addition to rides, there are a few shows. One of them is the film about firefighters "Backdraft." In three different rooms, we made a presentation of fire:


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