EU joins forces with South Korea to prepare for the tenth anniversary of 5G

According to Wikipedia , the stages of development of wireless data transmission, lasting for about 10 years. 3G was launched in 2001, LTE - in 2010, 5G waiting in 2020. To keep up with the US in the coming decade, the EU signed an agreement with South Korea - one of the leading in terms of development of wireless technologies.

Agreement, signed in Seoul on June 16 , provides for cooperation between the EU and Korea in the development of a global standard 5G, cooperation research, launching joint research projects in 2016 and harmonization of radio frequencies, vydeyalyaemyh under the new standard
- The devices operating in Korea can operate in Europe and vice versa.

The agreement was signed at the governmental level - Vice-President of the European Commission on digital issues and the Korean Minister for Science, Information Technology and Futurism (Future Planning - there is such a ministry!) And at the industry - between the European 5G Infrastructure Association (whose members include Alcatel- Lucent, Atos, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Nokia, Orange, Telecom Italia, Telenor, Telefonica) and Korean 5G Forum.

Government is very proud of this decision: it is the first time that states are united in such a way as to come to the aid of private business and encourage the process of establishing uniform standards.

In support of its decision, they even made this picture:

Waiting for the process to join and Russia.

As long as the standard in the development, under the 5G generally refers to a wireless technology that allows you to reach speeds of 10 Gb / s.



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