Resting, do no harm!

Today I want to draw your attention to one of the problems in the Altai, which manifested itself in areas with large concentrations of tourists. I think the problem is relevant not only for Gorny Altai, but also for other parts of the visit, the holy place of the local population, where there is a rite ritual tying ribbons on trees.
In this post, try to understand what it is and how to do here.

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Many people traveling through the Altai, see the passes white ribbons, developing on the trees and the stones piled slides - oboo tash. This custom has always attracted the attention of the guests and they are without any meaning, began to emulate. And if a guest wants to tie up a tree belt, or put stones on the pass, you must know what and how to do it.
Rite tying kyira or dalama (depending on how they used to call the inhabitants of a particular locality) - one of the most ancient rites. He has a philosophical and religious nature. The traveler passes through the pass, the host asks the Altai (Altaidyn eezi) blessing, Godspeed and a sign of worship ties white ribbon, which means appreciation of nature, the desire to be a pure soul, without malice. Anyone going on a journey, he knows which way it will go through some mountain passes and will run his way, and pre-prepare those tapes.

And here is how the tree after that horrible mindless tying. From such imitation tree may die.

There are rules that everyone should know binds dalama:
Places where the tie ribbon sacred and there can not speak loudly, swearing and brawling. Ribbon tied to a tree branch on the east side, one node, carefully, so as not to strip the bark from branches. Man tied tape should be clean. This means that among his family members and relatives during the year should not be dead. The tree can be birch, larch, cedar. It is forbidden to tie on pine and spruce because these trees are created Erlik - the lord of the underworld, the supreme ruler of the kingdom of the dead. Tying tape, artist must turn to the East and worship.

Does not look very nice.

And now about the tape itself. Dalama should be only from the new light-colored fabric, 5 cm in length from 80 cm to 1 meter.
White - the color of the Ak-Burkan, belonging to the White faith, is the color of Argens suu - springs, white color of milk, she brought up the human race, the worship of the spirits of the passes.
Yellow color - a symbol of the sun, moon.
Pink color - a symbol of fire.
Blue color - a symbol of the sky, the stars.
Green - the color of nature, sacred plants archyn (juniper) and cedar.
At the same time the tape all colors tied to prayers. They are made twice a year in spring with green foliage and autumn yellow foliage on holiday

On passes, mainly where there are no trees, in a sign of worship of the Altai can put stones on oboo tash.

To honor and respect the culture and traditions of indigenous peoples. Do not forget that you are a guest on their land.

Next will be a photo of different subjects, tied with to the branches.

Handkerchiefs. If nothing, then nothing better than to tie up. By the way it is believed that those who ties a colored ribbon, striped, black - it is believed that they worship Erlik - the owner of the other world.


Toilet paper!


Ubiquitous cellophane.

Not a bad option.

Belt or something.

Again label. Do not do this, please.

It seems Velcro. Well, why not fast, practical, but not beautiful.

Who is lying around zipper and idle.

Trash bag did not remain idle. Better to lay down their garbage and took with them from a place of rest.

Shred on a background packet looks nothing.

Like a sock. Well, do not throw the same really.

Now we know where purchased before a long road.

The last photo. Under such a burden tree just can not survive.
And I once again urge to try not to harm where we rest.
Such places, except Gorny Altai, Russia and the development of many trailering problem become more and more urgent.
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