And you would agree to live on Mars?


The primary task of the expedition - the construction of a human settlement on Mars

The Dutch organization developed a project in which 2015 will be formed a team of volunteers. They will pass rigorous training, preparing them for a space trip, scheduled for 2024. At the same time part of a future settlement on elements of the transport ship will go to Mars, where special rovers to install them, and prepare for operation.


One of the candidates for the Mars explorers - the 24-year-old Heidi Beemer

Of the two hundred thousand to take part in the program "Mission to Mars" were selected 417 men and 287 women, representatives of 99 countries. The organizers did not set the task to gather the best scientists and professionals in medicine, geology and other fields of knowledge. "Rather, they seek to find those who are able to live for a long time in the" tin "in the company of a bunch of other people," - shared Heidi.


One of the main questions about the trip: "Why?»

The dream of interplanetary travel lodged in the heart of Heidi on the day when his father showed her a panorama of Mars, taken rover Mars Pathfinder. Impressed, she hastened to put in order all its existing knowledge of chemistry and biology, do not forget about the experience and leadership gained in the army, and while participating in studies of the Martian conditions in the desert. Since Beamer missed an opportunity to take part in any experimental field activities related to space.

"I go to Mars encourages striving to answer the many questions facing modern science. Most of them are not possible to solve, just send robots into space, "- explains the brave researcher.


Tough tests begin already in the world

Workouts include a seven-month campaign. The included gear ration is a collection of freeze-dried products, similar to the standard diet of astronauts, and the shower in such circumstances replace the wet wipes. In order to get used to the difficulties of the upcoming test is constantly accompanied by the noise of engines. In addition, to maintain muscle mass, they routinely perform three hours of exercise cycles.


Going on an expedition, the participants will have to say goodbye to their families, friends, and home planet

Communicate with family travelers will, however, communication will be carried out with a 20 minute delay. Family Heidi concerned about the impending separation, however, according to the girl's family, knowing it was not very surprised by the news of its participation in the selection of the project.


The way back is not provided

Permanent settlement of space is mainly caused by the fact that has not yet found a way to come back. Moreover, given the unpredictable health risks, the return to Earth may be physically harmful. The study of a long stay in the body of zero gravity has not been fully studied, and in addition, travelers will still move to change a few gravity modes, including Mars, is only a third of the earth (to calculate your weight by the standards of Mars, multiply it by 0, 38). Scientists believe that more advisable to humans eventually adapt to the gravity of one planet, rather than subject them to constant environmental changes due to gravity.


Scientists are looking for a way to deliver travel from Mars to Earth

NASA says that 2030 is going to find a suitable method of return of the expedition members to their home planet. Scientists have developed a procedure well enough landing on Mars, but until now no one off from the surface has not been made.


Interplanetary flight threatens hardball radiation exposure

Radiation from solar flares contains energy equivalent to a billion megatons of TNT detonation. Terran radiation protects the planet's atmosphere, but in space expedition crew will have to live in a specialized compartment of the spacecraft. Returning to the subject of the return trip - the threat of repeated exposure harmful rays and reduces the chances of the way home.


Settlement on Mars will be ready by the time of arrival of the team of researchers

Several spacecraft previously delivered to the planet all you need for the members of the expedition: a communications satellite, the Mars Exploration Rovers, inflatable shelter, provisions, and solar panels. Two rovers landing activated, then take on the task of finding a suitable site and the establishment there of the equipment.


The people will breathe on Mars?

Specially designed life-support mechanism designed to make maximum use of Martian resources will produce water by melting ice in the soil. Coming from the heated ground water condensate is expected partly to keep using part of it to create oxygen. Since a person breathing needs 80% nitrogen air mixture, nitrogen and argon, extracted from the atmosphere, together with the oxygen will flow to the accommodation special pipeline.


The first landed on Mars four astronaut

After the first landing every two years, will be arriving next group of participants. The cost of each such flight is estimated at $ 4 billion. Past through the years of hard training expedition members must be prepared to live in cramped quarters that do not have a special comfort.

"During the training, I even learned to enjoy being in such conditions", - says Beamer, - "I am able to feel safe, performing various tasks, I was used to, and doted on him».

Participants of the project should be as prepared for any kind of sudden need. From researchers may need the ability to repair any units in their settlements, growing crops in space is limited and medical treatment, including dental procedures, as well as work with muscle sprains and fractures.


Solved in the course of the expedition questions can be useful for earthlings

"The great thing about space exploration - is that good that it brings not only space science," - says Heidi.

Mobile phones, magnetic resonance tomography and many other inventions were unexpected consequences of space research. Who knows what new technologies can bring the work on the development of Mars as earth unresolved issues will enable them to overcome.


If Mars One mission to achieve its objectives - it will go down in history

"While this project possible, and is one of the most dangerous pans humanity, this should not prevent us to carry it out," - says Heidi Beemer.



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