Real Simpsons House

Real Simpsons House broke out in the contest Pepsi. It won an elderly pensioner from Redmond Kentucky Barbara Howard.
She sent the questionnaire in the tea packaging, and she was chosen out of millions. Actually it was planned that the winner was to be a toy from a series
The Simpsons with the same number as in the lottery, but it turned out that this number no one appeared, then the holder of the prize and choose from profiles.
Before the end of the draw Simpsons house was open to all 30 days there has visited more than 15,000 people. Barbara Howard learned of his victory
in competition at the end of '97 By mid '98 re-painted house, made minor repairs and because furniture was not part of the prize, it carried out.
In this house, managed to get himself and Matt Groening. Then pensioner got her home and possibly lives there to this day. Below you can see pictures of the real home of The Simpsons.


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