10 tips to help you collect the suitcase

1. Decide what you will wear every day of the trip. Do not take things "in reserve". Before stuff in a suitcase 10 dresses, T-shirts 8-shirt and-oh-oh-oh-oh-n those sandals with huge heels, ask yourself: "Do I have time at least once to put all of this?". Especially if you are going week lain on the beach.

2. Displace clothes rollers, and do not stack several times - so you lay things more compact. Flight attendants, pilots and experienced travelers recommend.

3. Take some old clothes, from which you do not mind to get rid of. You will be able to throw it during the trip and make room for presents - or simply to carry back is not as heavy suitcase.

4. Fold the socks inside shoes - so you can save space, and your boots, sneakers and shoes to save the form.

5. In order not to stain your clothes, pack shoes in the shower caps and shoe covers.

6. The Council for those who cherish the shampoos and conditioners (and clothing): Close each bottle cling film first, and only then cover. And just in case, remove all the bottles in a sealed plastic bag.

7. If you often travel to short trips, in which does not take a lot of things obzavedites small bottles for shampoo and cosmetics mini-volume (travel-size). So you not only save space in your bag, but can not pass it in the luggage.

8. Pursuit to the previous. If you have a container for the lens, it is possible to put a little lotion or cream - just as long as necessary for a couple of days. Very convenient.

9. Place the bag in a suitcase and information about yourself and about your flight. So you will be able to return the luggage if you lose it.

10. Fully prepare for the journey. Then lay half collected things and take twice as much money planned.
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