The new electric Tesla will cost $ 35,000

Recently, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors, revealed some details of the next generation of electric vehicles Tesla, which should appear in 2017. This car will be called the Tesla Model 3, the price of the car will be 35 thousand dollars (30 thousand pounds for the UK).

With the title of car related an interesting story: the new electric vehicle was called Tesla Model E, but intervened in the case the company Ford. It turns out that the company has even filed for a court Tesla Motors, which won, qualifying for the name of the «Model E».

Whatever it was, it's not in the title. The third generation of the car will be presented in 2016 and will go on sale in 2017. Most likely, the car will be built "from scratch" and not based on a modified platform Model S and Model X.

Thanks to the reduced by 30% the size, the car will consume less energy, which means the battery will last for more than before, the distance. According to Elon Musk, is guaranteed to be a distance of 360 kilometers (200 miles (which can be overcome with a maximum output (ie without a special energy saving).

Musk also spoke about the work on a new battery for the Tesla Roadster, whereby the distance that you can go on a single charge, will increase up to 640 kilometers (roughly the distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco).


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