Rich places from childhood golden

But at about this, it was possible to find a slate and annexed wood, foam and a lot more then good.

But for garages as usual were a dime a dozen on television picture tubes and batteries, and if you're lucky you can find the capacity in which there is not sickly flammable liquid. Of course there were big chunks of glass, bottles and other fun stuff.

Well here you can take from the table of sweets and cookies

And here you can uvoloch whole roll felts (ruberoyda shorter) merge with diesel tractor, a sausage heater dial, well pizdyuley could get from the guard

Well, such a place with such a gaming buzz - not your GTA home themselves buzz, and the doors slam in the present ... In general real!

This place is better to smoke on the sly no one invented

In winter, of course minus the street, but had its pluses for zadim bumper of the bus!



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