Photo contest Wilderness B & H Photo

In the photo contest Wilderness B & H Photo attended by many different photographers who shoot incredible images of wildlife around the world. Is a photograph of the winners.


1st prize - Jamie McArthur, United Kingdom.

The main prize in the competition was Briton Jamie McArthur (Jamie MacArthur), who managed to capture the bird holds in its beak a freshly caught fish. In addition to the award of $ 500, which received all 10 semi-finalists, the winner became the owner of a unique trip to Botswana where he will visit the unique safari. The cost of the permit is impressive - $ 22 000.


Audience Award - Charles Chessler, USA.

The world around us for a photographer - a constant and inexhaustible source of inspiration. Thousands of images of wildlife were sent in this year's contest Ā«B & H Wilderness Photo CompetitionĀ», and the judges had to work hard to determine the winner.


Winner in the category "Water Environment" - Cary Morse, USA.

The event aims to raise public awareness about the existing environmental problems and reiterate how important it is to take good care of nature, preserving its wealth. Photographers who managed to capture the natural wonders professionally, received awards and prizes.


Winner in the category "Macro" - Peter Elinson, USA.


Winner in the category of "Man and Environment" - Jeffrey Kirkpatrick, Australia.


Winner in the category "Animals in zoos" - Octavio Aburto, Mexico.


Winner in the category "Amphibians and reptiles" - Christopher Shlaf, USA.


Winner in the category "Terrestrial Mammals" - Georgia Karampatou, Abu Dhabi.


Winner in the category of "Landscape" - Petar Sabol, Croatia.


Winner in the category "Culture / People" - Adam Zhurgilevich, Poland.


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