Pyramid Lake

Pyramids - this lake in Nevada, which got its name because of protruding above the water mountain formations of irregular shape. However, tourists are most interested in the mystical legends associated with this American landmark.

On the lake, which most owners Ipad seen on standard desktop wallpaper, look extremely impressive rock formations conical shape which can safely be called one of the wonders of nature. These bizarre formations of limestone tufa, according to research by geologists, formed as a result of the separation of the Pyramids from the larger lakes, and today they are not only beautiful backdrop for photos, but also home to the entire population of a rare breed of pelicans. However, according to local legend, the majestic "pyramid" - it's nothing compared to what lies under the water ...

The lake is entirely in the territory of an Indian reservation Pyramid Lake, run by Indians: Northern Paiute. As the one of the legends, once a tribe of Indians had a tradition of throwing the body ugly or unwilling children in Pyramid Lake. Presumably, this was done in order to avoid "weak link" in the tribe. However, there are less violent story, which states that the tribesman Indians once fell in love with either a snake, or a mermaid, but the Indians did not take a foreign substance, so that it has left the evil curse of the lake. Snake (mermaid) was transformed into a baby, and then attacked the mothers who tried to feed him.



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