History of "The Man from Boulevard des Capucines"

Film Premiere Alla Surikova "Man from Boulevard des Capucines" took place in Moscow, at the cinema "Mir", June 23, 1987.

June 23, 1987 after six years on the shelf "Mosfilm" in the Soviet rolling out a picture of Alla Surikovoj "Man from Boulevard des Capucines" - a comedy western with Andrei Mironov, Alexander Yakovlev, Nikolay Karachentsovu and Oleg Tabakov in the lead roles. 27 years after the premiere of the picture AiF.ru recalls filming one of the most popular domestic films.

The author of the film script, a genre which the authors defined as "an ironic imagination in western style" became Edward Akopov, invent a story about a fictional American city of Santa Carolina, which comes from Europe, Mr. Fest (eng. "First", Mironov). Having been on the first film screenings, organized in Paris Lumiere brothers, he lights up the idea to organize a theater in the boondocks, whose residents only and do that get drunk as a lord in the saloon. Enlisting the support of local - singer Diana Little (Yakovlev), a bar owner Garry McCoy (tobacco) and Cowboy Billy King (Karachentsov), the hero of Mironov demonstrates to visitors the first in the world of cinema. Lyumerovskoe "Arrival of a Train" makes regulars at the saloon so impressed that they forget about the habit and do not miss a single session. Reigned idyll does not last long, and the power of art has a downside - arrived in Santa Carolina Mr. sekond (eng. "Second," Albert Filozov) shows local moviegoers shoddy movies than town again plunges into the abyss of vice and debauchery

Natura searched for shooting, by itself, in the territory of the Soviet Union - as the scenery of Santa Carolina appeared in the Crimea, and more precisely, on the shore of a quiet bay at Koktebel. It is known that because of the strong wind that raged in those places all the scenery was almost blown into the sea. Indeed, instead of full-fledged buildings were built only facades, prop driven into the ground with boards. Mock rescue failed, but further work was required to significantly strengthen the structure. With details as participants remember shooting process was easy - even in the vaults of "Mosfilm" was not found everything you need to play on the court plausible Wild West. Otsmotrev huge number of these westerns - the classics of the genre - Surikov and her film crew began to literally piece together everything you need. Hats and other headgear sewed specially for the film, horse harnesses had to borrow on the Czech film studio. Managed to get even the stools of a special ultra-light Ecuadorian tree from which Hollywood westerns made furniture for spectacular whipping about her head. As a result - one of the prizes, inherited the painting, was presented with the wording "for the authenticity of the image of the Wild West in Wild Soviet filmmaking┬╗

Playing the main roles are also defined at once. For example, the role of Diana Little auditioned including Rozanov Irina and Olga Kabo, and as a result had to choose Andrei Mironov. For him Surikov assembled roller with samples of several contestants - his partner's actor chose Alexander Yakovlev.
"She was charming and hardworking hours rehearsing dance to exhaustion, she studied singing, twirl Colt, ride a horse," - says Surikov. However, sing overs still had Larisa Dolina

But Nicholas Karachentsov flatly refused any doubles, stating that all the tricks he performs - and continued to perform, even break during the filming of a toe. On the role of Billy King claimed more and Alexei Zharkov, but samples Karachentsova convinced the director that the party cowboy written just for him.

In the case of Oleg Tabakov and these doubts were not, no one else in the role of a bartender Surikov McCue has not seen.

"He invented his tubes in his nostrils, which made his nose wide and his face -" teddy ", insidiously-natured, - says Alla Surikov in an interview. - I think it's very nice - the whole day there with "splayed" nose? And he endured and smiling! ┬╗

Unable to attend due to employment in other projects and Armen Mkrtchyan Frunzik Dzhigarkhanyan, which saw the director in the images and undertaker Comanche leader respectively. As a result of their place in the film won Spartak Mishulin Lev Durov, and submit them to the ground now someone else is impossible. Durov, for example, he came up with a scene in which he lay in his coffin. According to him, he wanted to add a little humor, and he improvised - lay in a coffin, and eventually entered the scene in the final version of the painting

Mikhail Boyarsky, who played in the movie Black Jack, came to the shooting, as well as Alexander Yakovlev, thanks to Andrei Mironov. Assistants Surikovoj desperate to get engaged in the Petersburg artist cast of "The Man from Boulevard des Capucines" and resorted to trickery - bypassing aides said Boyarsky, Andrei Mironov, personally asked him to star in the film. After such a statement to persuade the actor did not have long.

As for the Mironov, for him this was the last role in the film - he died a little earlier than two months after the premiere of the film, August 16, 1987, on tour in Riga.

The title of the film contains a factual error - Paris no Boulevard des Capucines, but there's Boulevard des Capucines, named in honor of this street is located on the convent of the Order des Capucines. It was there in the house number 14, December 28, 1895, the first in the world of public public film show of the 10 short films. Found error in scenarios Akopova Alla Surikov went through a lot of other options, but eventually the name still remains the same. A kaputsinki still found their place in the filmography of the director - in 2009, screens out the painting "Man from Boulevard des Capucines┬╗



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