A little bit about the capital of Hungary

1. The need to exchange currency with caution. Banks will always be very unfavorable exchange rate, and in exchange you need to carefully study the Commission. Exchangers very much, but often if all count rate will be the same.

2. The most popular souvenir from Hungary - Paprika. On its removal no customs restrictions. Also, a lot of souvenirs in the form of pepper.

3. The most beautiful building is considered to parliament. Difficult to find without a guided tour of the Parliament. If you pre-fill out an application online, you can get in on the tour.

4. The national cuisine is very familiar. Usually this stew. The most popular dish - goulash.

5. The local currency - HUF. They are useful only in a taxi on the market, street kiosks with drinks and food. In all other cases it is more convenient to pay the card. Euros accepted everywhere, but usually overestimate the price.

6. If it snows - sidewalks with salt bath.

7. On the streets of the city are common bakery. Go there for local fresh bread and pastries. Usually there are a few tables inside, but there is seldom someone sitting. If you sit in the morning with a cup of coffee - all visitors will greet you and to wish a good day.

8. Homeless rare and always very clean and good shoes.

9. In shopping centers are always on duty doctor. When receiving sellers work they specify language skills. If you become ill - find Russian-speaking guards to bring the conversation with the doctor.

10. Water from the tap is clean and drinkable.

11. In Budapest, many thermal springs. There are baths with waters of different compositions from different kinds of diseases. The biggest swimming pool in Europe - "Section" has a lot of pools with a choice of temperature from 15 to 40 degrees.

12. If you visit sites without a guide, you'd better have them in advance any idea. Otherwise you can get into awkward situations. For example, on the Danube, near the Parliament, installed dozens of pairs of men's, women's, children's shoes are made of cast iron. Many people think it's funny, people are starting to have fun, try it ... A monument to Holocaust victims, who were shot and pushed into the Danube. Pre-course off their shoes.

13. The eastern and western parts of the city are connected by a plurality of bridges over the Danube, and with the two of them can get to Margaret Island. The entire island is a park. Vehicular traffic is prohibited.

14. In Budapest, very common package offers. Even from the city administration have Budapest Card. Card entitles you to unlimited travel around the city on any public transport, as well as gives a lot of discounts and bonuses. For example, free admission to the museum or a discount on the entrance to the zoo.

15. If you buy a ticket for a trip on the tram need to punch it punch. In the composter regularly arises turn, all attend a doubt how to do it correctly. Ask local useless. They enjoy travel. Turn to a ticket numbers in the cells. Symbol, arrow-like, hints which way to insert the ticket into the composter.


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