Beach patterns

So where do these patterns in the sand, Jim Denevan loves to paint them with mathematical precision,
never would have thought that this human handiwork.

Jim Denevanu 44 years. He surfer, artist on the sand and chef-taught.

When his father died, Jim was five years old. But when his mother became ill with Alzheimer's disease, he first came to the beach to "forget».

He began to draw patterns on the sand with sticks, found in the same place.

As a result of his drawings turned into real masterpieces, and sticks were replaced with a rake.

Jim draws mainly on the beaches, but recently he started to draw and in the deserts.

"On the beach I do not have a lot of time in the desert - he says. - Because the ocean very quickly washes away all ».

"In addition, the beach is not so much space. Pictures that I want to paint, no longer fit on this stretch of land ».

"At first I was drawing simple shapes - animals, birds, waves, and the like. Now my drawings became more geometric nature ».

Jim drew his first masterpiece in 1995.

When asked what prompted him to do this seriously, he replied: "Probably curiosity».

"I was engaged in dancing and I like everything to do with space, though, I think this is a common condition for many creative people».

"With these figures, I tried to run away from problems. They reassured me, though this is not an easy job. I was not one kilometer ».

When asked how he manages to draw such a perfect circle, Jim says it's a matter of practice, "I drew thousands of laps for his life. In the desert, I once drew a circle with diameter of 6 km ».

"I think that in this case it is important to all: the surface, the sea, the mountains, the climate - all».

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