Publish the children's cries of ghosts forced tourists to flee in panic from the forest

looking forward to outdoor recreation tourists were forced to flee from the forest after accidentally photographed a ghost and heard the blood-curdling screams of the child.
Residents of Bristol Swan Lola (Lola Swan) and Keith Channon (Kate Channon), set up camp in a dense wooded area with the aim to spend the weekend at prirode.

During the day, the girls enjoyed the holiday, but at nightfall in the forest began to happen strange things. According to the tourists, they heard frightening sounds and felt them sledyat.

"In the afternoon everything was in order and we are quietly engaged in the installation of the tent, and then photographed on a green background. But as soon as dusk-like atmosphere in the forest has changed: we started to hear sounds-like steps on the ground, "- says 28-year-old Lola.

At some point, 24-year-old Kate could not stand to feel the tension and whistled in hopes to cheer her friend. The joke was unsuccessful - to the consternation of travelers someone whistled in otvet.

Frightened girl photoshoot stopped and climbed into the tent and tried to calm down and not pay attention to what is happening. To at least somehow defuse the situation, they began to view the pictures taken before and accidentally received confirmation of their fears - on one of the pictures was captured strange figura.

"I once saw a ghost in the picture, which is a few steps away from our camp. Whenever I see him, I unwittingly threw the phone on the ground. I suspected that we were being watched and the picture proved it, "- later told Lola tabloid MailOnline, showing reporters received fotografii.

Subsequent events have forced the girls decided to wait until morning, abruptly change their plans and escape begstvom.

"We heard the steps as if walking around our tent people. But after midnight, it was even worse - about one in the morning heard blood-curdling screams of the child who was the last straw - they describe the reasons for fleeing. - We captured wild fear and panic we have collected a tent and ran away from this hell ".

Girls, comparing what happened to them with the movie "The Blair Witch Project", tells the story of the missing in the woods of Maryland students say they have not found among the things to take a hike hammer, but not going back for it, even in daylight.



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