Domesday Book / Doomsday Book.

Country: South Korea
Director: Kim Jee-woon, Pil-Sung Yim
Composer: Moug
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Time 113 minutes.
Joon-ho Bong
Jin Ji-hee
John D. Kim
Kim Kang Do
Jun-hee Ko
Ma Tong Juice
Hae-yl Park
Ryu Seung-Bohm
Song Sae-Byok

Three unique stories of human self-destruction in the modern era of high technology. Hoping to restore humane compassion in our unconscious time, the film shows an alternative side of genuine humanity. You will witness the world of the future, where you will find a series of unexpected stories. All of these stories take place on Earth.
In addition; Production cycle of films "Domesday Book" was commenced on 21 May 2006, but due to funding problems, it was decided to make a film of three chapters.


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