Eurovision Song Contest. Phenomenon Conchita

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"Eurovision" has always been not so musical as a political contest. A main viewing audience were considered housewives, and g & g & and ... and housewives. Therefore it is not surprising that demand creates supply, and fans evrokonkursa with pleasure "hawala".
What is written in the winners slaschavenkogo Bilan, the Fisherman's violinist smiling. Our Serdyuchka too at one time turned the rustling not only with her, now prophetic, "Rush, Goodbye!", But also "tsigel-tsigel, ah-lu-lu" before-olgoe time rattled by European and Ukrainian r & d disco .
Today r & d-audience has a new idol. Conchita Wurst. It has become known to us, it is only now, after the second semi-final of "Eurovision". In fact, the entire German-speaking world and its surroundings have long extolled the Austrian night diva - in Austria it is the representative of «der High Society». While in this country, I just do not ever watch on TV, in various entertainment programs, its presence at social events as a VIP-guest. By the way, the beard and she, having been there, do not shave.

Austrian town along and across plastered posters flamboyant artist. Especially Styrian Graz, where Thomas Neuwirth (real name Conchita Wurst) graduated from the school of fashion in 2011.
So what is the phenomenon Conchita Wurst? This is akin to the split personality, but he is the creator of the image admits that he and Conchita live separate lives. While Tom is originally from Austria, Conchita was born in Colombia. It helps that image Conchita declare openly about their orientation. Before that, "Cuming out" (in recognition of its slope) he experienced persecution street. So, tolerance to Europe "theme" - one of the myths created and cultivated. It also podverzhdaet and the fact that after the announcement of the participation of the actress in "Eurovision" in social networks at once appeared a petition against the "hotbed ODS & Mia" on the song contest, which was signed by 31,000 members. Not difficult to guess that a significant part of "signers" were Russian. And the current participation bearded woman in the contest - one more demonstration excuse for Russia to Ukraine to poke his nose, saying why you decadent "blue sandbox" in the form of the European Union as a whole. But this is again a political.
As you know, the Austrians - noble lovers sausages. That Conchita meets both chose a stage name - «wurst», which means sausage in order to be associated with a national delicacy. Although in this case it refers to several other allusions ...
The image of her completely androgynous, as has the signs of both halves. With that, it is impossible to determine who in her more - men or women. Beard still overcomes and leans towards men until you see how she moves feminine as dresses and beautiful. And by the way, the beard. One should not take it too kritikanam so radically, because it is - just a stage trick. Transvit & Titov, dress up in women's clothes, a lot, a bearded woman - one. Yes, frikovo. But it is stored away! Many sickened, others - a delight. But leaves no one indifferent.
Vocal - is another matter. Not so hot. But when compared with the same Transvit & titami singing exclusively to the soundtrack western hits - Conchita just opera diva. And judging by the reaction of the audience to her performance in the second semifinal «Eurovision», the audience stood on the ears, and so it is - one of the brightest contenders for victory, or at least the top five. After all, we should not forget that the freaks have been the winners.
And as interesting radical r & OIF & Bam Look what a bright show she presented. Nothing bad as an artist Conchita does not carry. On the contrary, teaches us to be more tolerant of other people's faddish. Indeed, the main mesedzh her: "be yourself" - everywhere and in all circumstances. A stay in such a marvelous way of all is not so easy. And yet, in the image of Conchita Wurst she / he has achieved greater tolerance than being an unknown Tom Neuwirth. A friend of mine once wrote after watching the speech: "Why multimillion audience should contemplate the psychological problems of identity that thing ?!" So, he decided to self-identify and narrower. But we'll call Frau Wurst she or he is - it depends upon our measures of tolerance.


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