Restricted Zone Balakovo

This trip was conceived right after our first visit to Balakovo NPP. Then we learned about the planned discharge of one of the reactors and begged to visit the inner sanctum of the nuclear power plant - the reactor compartment, as the input for the containment is possible only during the repair. The trip was planned and prepared many months, but due to winter safety measures associated with the Olympics, it was delayed for a few more months. April 19 began scheduled maintenance Unit 1. And here we have just invited!

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2. How you new posters on safety?

3.Nado say that most of the time we spent on tour various inspections and measurements. Security is given special attention.
To get to the territory of the NPP at the entrance to check all the documents. Then - communicating. Here we got a temporary pass with personal PIN codes, which need to pass all the other zones. Passed through the frame. Then we checked our passports and personal information. Then inspected the clothes and personal belongings according to the inventory. Then frame radiation control. These 4 steps checks at the entrance - a first zone of control! Then a few more.
The system will let you pass on only to where you can walk. And the interesting thing - even knowing the PIN, use someone else's pass will not work. Even the weight is included in the employee badge. So me and several journalists at the entrance to another building turnstiles do not miss writing the "wrong weight." We are not up to the standard 70-pound threshold for a temporary permit. Had to wait for us to fix the weight in the system. Only after this passage was opened.
Then go to the WBC. Lining up. On these seats is measured self-radiation of the body. The new equipment allows to do it comfortably in 3 minutes once with two employees. The sensors are located at the back of the chairs, and the tube is needed to measure the radiation from the thyroid gland, where radioactive iodine accumulates in the case of massive doses of radiation. With the previous equipment had to spend 3 times as much time, and the process was more like a protracted fluorography.

4. After receiving the data you give an individual number, which is required in the preparation of the dosimeter. Further our path lies in the sanitary inspection.

5.A are already waiting for us made suits and shoes!

6. In the restricted area can only go in protective suits, footwear and personal protective equipment. Therefore completely change clothes.

7. shirt, pants, overalls, hats, shoes, helmet, gloves, respirators.

8.Zatem in the next room get personal dosimeters. They lie on the shelves. Hanging above the monitor on which revolve instructions on use dosimeter and safety.
We need to take any dosimeter, paste it into a special terminal, enter your number received during the WBC and the screen you will see all your data with work orders. From this moment you put it in his pocket dosimeter and it will measure the dose received by you.

9.All work in the restricted area are carried out in accordance with the sanitary standards of radioactive safety, so the doses received for each employee shall be regulated and strictly controlled.
Next we go through long passages bellhops sanitary and domestic unit. Our goal - the first unit. Get in his reactor compartment can only be on the overpass of sanitary and domestic unit

10.No to go there again should pass the control zone with the introduction of pin-code.

11.Ves next hour we start dazzled by this ladder :) We then went up, then down at the different levels to get to the various rooms, breaking dozens of flights of stairs.

12.Pomeschenie personnel change of the reactor compartment. Here duty engineers and operators offices, control parameters of the equipment.

13.A this room with air pump at the entrance to the containment. During operation of the reactor containment underpressure is created in comparison with atmospheric pressure. Reinforced concrete containment of the reactor compartment, lined steel, capable of withstanding an earthquake and the fall of the aircraft. Obata note that all floors on all areas of the reactor compartment are made so as to avoid corners where dust could accumulate.

14.Vhod in containment is open only during the repair. And here we are, where not yet set foot strangers ...

15. In the process of repair occurs in the reactor refueling and modernization of technological equipment of power.

16.Vnutri a lot of different equipment. Crane and peregruzmashina serve to move the spent nuclear fuel. This operation is performed remotely by a 3-meter layer of borated water.

17.Po to employees, even within the containment using modern equipment and technology everything was relatively clean, but still not worth anything to touch. Suddenly somewhere particles of radioactive dust.

18. Dome.

19.Sleva - cooling ventilation unit drives the cooling system and reactor protection.

20.A is some clever unit, tighten the screws tight lid of the reactor.

21.Vnutri pool wet overload.

22.Verhny reactor unit which is attached to sensors and actuators control vnutrirektornogo control and protection system.

23.On is above the lid of the reactor.

24. Sensors hanging for revision.

25. In general, verification of the equipment is in full swing ...

26. And these workers do not sit in the game play.

27. Their mission - to check for cracks 11,000 tubes in there somewhere.

28. Well, we went for containment. Now we will not interfere with the employee works, the more they want to have time to carry out repairs in less than 70 days. Let's go on to examine the reactor compartment Balakovo ...

29.Prodolzhaem tour of rektornomu branch Balakovo nuclear power plant.

30. On leaving the containment do not forget to throw away used personal protective equipment.

31. And trample on the tape. To make nothing out there. Suddenly some radioactive dust trailers.

32.Chtoby exit the reactor compartment after work to the outside world must go through 5 stages sanitary-crossing control. The first sanitary lock is located at the exit of the containment. With a torso and hands to the sensors of radiation-protective barrier, the display will result. Turnpike exit opens only when there is no radiation pollution. If it is, it is indicated by a place where it is available.

33.S via deactivating means you need to wash the body, clean clothes or shoes and try to pass the barrier again. Immediately there is a sensor to check the contamination of equipment and tools that you carry with you.


35.V corridors rigging reactor compartment are accessory items. Entry into these spaces is closed germodvermi with the contours of the seal, weighing more than 600 kg. In the corridors themselves too many valves, pipes and fire-fighting equipment.



38. Putting the heat exchanger system cooldown.

39.Prohodim regular monitoring and return to the long-jump in the sanitary block.

40. Enjoying the dose which we have received. I have in the display lights "2»

41.Vstavlyaem dosimeter in the terminal and it displays detailed information. I received the dose does not exceed the natural dose to the body would receive per day. Well or 200-fold less than for fluorography, 4000 times smaller than in computed tomography of the spine.

42. Then go check your photographic equipment for the presence of contamination.

43.Vtoroy sanitary lock at the exit of the restricted area. Here it is necessary to change the shoes to a temporary shoes, undress, take a shower.

44.Posle this need to go to a third computerized barrier put in a cell minor things and follow the voice prompts barrier that will measure you from all sides. Only after successful completion of the measurement door, obstructing access to the free zone area will be open.

45.Chetvёrty barrier located at the outlet of sanitary and domestic unit and the fifth nuclear power plant at the entrance. So none of the radioactive particles simply not likely to be outside.
Here's memory.

I express my gratitude to the leadership of the Balakovo nuclear power plant for the invitation, cheepok for the organization, all bloggers and journalists for the company, all employees of the NPP for the kindness and helpfulness.

That's all. Thank you all.


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