The most expensive road in the world by Esquire magazine estimates

Esquire magazine has calculated what height would have made a layer of black caviar, foie gras or shredded bags Louis Vuitton,
if the Olympic road Adler - Krasnaya Polyana (227 billion rubles for 48 kilometers, or about $ 140 million per kilometer,
ie 140 thousand dollars per meter) built from these materials.

Oysters - 6, 37 cm
When calculating a layer thickness used price oysters,
adopted in Moscow restaurants (120 rubles apiece).

Black caviar - 1, 1 cm layer thickness When calculating a wholesale price of the manufacturer used for bank beluga caviar weighing 30 grams (1,290 rubles).

Bags Louis Vuitton - 9 cm layer thickness for settlement price for used handbags Louis Vuitton Knightsbridge (1080 euros per share).

Foie gras - 21, 90 cm for settlement layer thickness used price set by the French supermarket Carrefour (69 euros per kilo).

US dollars - 0, 028 cm for settlement layer thickness (two notes) used banknotes $ 100 (thickness of each - 0, 014 cm).


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