Fantastic Socotra Island (15 photos)

It's hard to believe that our planet Earth there are corners where all or so,
as we are accustomed to seeing. Strange plants make us think and believe extraterrestrial life forms.

These amazing corners of our planet can be no doubt include the island of Socotra. Four Socotra Island separated from mainland Africa 7.6 million years ago. In isolation from the 'mainland' evolution on these islands was under its own power, creating a bizarre living organisms. The result of evolutionary creativity in the face - 700 extremely rare species of flora and fauna of the islands, of which one third is endemic, ie found only here and nowhere else on Earth.

These amazing island in the Indian Ocean (250 km from Somalia and 340 kilometers from Yemen). The climate is hot and dry islands. Sandy beaches framed by limestone plateau of the island, where many caves. Limestone mountains reach a maximum height of 1525 meters.

Socotra is translated from Sanskrit as the island of happiness, a sense of happiness and really covers every visit this quiet corner bizarre botanical paradise. The first miracle of our story is one kind of Dracaena - Dracena cinnibaris or dragon's blood tree. This tree does not seem to any other. Foliage covered only the upper shoots branches, reminding whimsical lawn. However, the form of the tree, each is its own association. Someone they resemble flying saucers, and to whom and large accumulations of amazing mushrooms.


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