About dogs or why the dog man's best friend

Dog - the best security system for your home
Even the smallest dogs are very sharp teeth. And thanks to them to cancel the hearing and sense of smell, they can advance to warn you of an impending stranger.

Of course, your best friend can overdo it in the performance of their patrol duties.

But it is because of the great love and devotion! And they are always ashamed of his antics.

Dogs help to keep warm on a cold day
According to the study site Time4Sleep, 25% of owners permit their pets to sleep on the bed. In the cold season this addiction your four-legged friend can be considered as a great bonus. After all, they - walking warmer!

And still, the dog may be used as a cushion! Very comfortably. Try it!

The dog knows how to love with all my heart
They know how to be faithful to the last.

And it does not even matter who you are social status.

They just love and trust.

And always waiting for your return.

Dogs are very well feel the human condition
When you are sad - they too will be sad.

Remember the words of Saint-Exupery? Sadness, divided into two - this is not scary.

When you need support - they do not need to ask about it.

Dogs - excellent sides
They know how to listen without interrupting.

In addition, they are very photogenic.

Like to be photographed.

And they can have some fun.

And if you go camping - a true friend is always ready to keep you company.

Especially if you let go in the front seat ...
... And enjoy the view from the window.

We need them.

And they need a house.

They are for us - a page in life, and we to them - all of life.

Do not throw them ...

Source: oxyxo.ru


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