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I decided to finish my short story about Cuba. Start here:
One day in Havana.
Cuban Province.

Trinidad. As it turned himself Captain Morgan (famous pirate) it was one of the governors of this town. The city is so beautiful that one day clear enough, so stayed for a few days. They examined not only the city itself, but also traveled okresnosti.Poehali.

First, in the mountains.

National Park Topes de Collantes is at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level in the middle of the mountain massif of the Sierra del Escambray,.

The road from Trinidad takes about 30 minutes.

Local fauna.

We met with the local landowner and restaurateur.

Here it

It shows their possessions.

On his land is the cave of the Indians.

True to start the drive tourists, still very much that needs to be done (the cave half filled with earth). But the owner was not discouraged and said that by next year it will work in full force.

We go back down to the coast.

The difference in temperature in the mountains and on the coast of 15-17 degrees

Next beach Ancon, located near Trinidad.

If you are thinking to Ancon for the day, grab a everything you need for a picnic. There is only one restaurant where the food is sold, and where the choice is not so hot.

Therefore, we take a local store meat market onion and tomato, pickle and roast.

Treats the caretaker on the beach (it has organized a fire) he liked it, he said that the Cubans, because the meat is cooked.

Then we swim and sunbathe

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After all this exotic wanted to civilization, not for long. Even at home, preparing for a trip, I found the wonderful place, Cayo Coco, or Coconut Island. The island is full of beautiful beaches and hotels. It was decided going


Lunch at a roadside cafe.


Here tourists for a little money can go fishing.

Local catch free.


Podezzhaem.Ostrov Cuba joins the bulk dam, stretching over 30 kilometers.
That through this check point, paying for 100 rubles. person, leave the finish line.

Here it


In turn, Cayo Coco is connected to the smaller dams, with the islands of Cayo Romano and Cayo Guillermo

A lot of birds

Pink flamingos.



Cars on the island virtually none. Tourists move on scooters or bikes.

In the first bar, take a map of the island and look for our pre-booked hotel (4 days okolo7000 rubles., All-inclusive).


Our Memoris Caribe


View from the balcony

Flamingos live there.

It's time to the beach -zagorat and drinking great cocktails.

The wine list, all inclusive, amazing variety.

The next day, rent a small boat and go fishing.





Ride around the island, the good, the machine handy.

Police interest to us does not show.

And lastly, another interesting part of Cuba - Viñales. Located 30 km north of the capital of the province of Pinar del Rio. In 1999, the cultural landscape of the valley is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The valley is known for its steep hills with flat tops up to 400 m, their age - about 160 million years.


Lunch at the restaurant -peschere

Indian tour of the cave and underwater river.


In the cave is almost fotkal unnecessarily dish soap. Next boat




Near the valley is a giant "prehistoric mural," the artist Gonzalez - on the slope of a cliff 120 m high depict prehistoric people and animals.

Beauty and silence

And he Pinar del Rio.

Tobacco Factory.

And of course, cigars. He took a box for $ 200.


On this I have everything. Thank you for attention.



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