Weekdays home shelter koteek 6

Continue fototchet!
Loew feels great. Banda blooms and smells!
I want to again thank all
For their support and help!
39 photos will be!
1 went into the woods

2) In the forest mushrooms dry and there, but blooms every green)

Plague 3))) is fully consistent with the character name)

4 Lushka

5 In the evening it started to rain, so we'll sleep on the mat at the door, and reptiles on the bed)

6 Klopp, was selected in the last train, I put it on the bag, lying under the seat, completely dehydrated and exhausted. Age is not more than 3 weeks. Came out, and now so beautiful)

Matthew 7)

8 Yusya she's schizoid mouse. Terrible coward and paranoid) Afraid of everyone and everything, especially the Shred neighbor, he then drills, digs, it mows. There is no life in the cat) It 2, 5 years, the size of a three-month kitten)

9 Kryseyka sad, outdoor rain)

10 Simsk mother returned from the forest, wet through, heated on the stove)

11 Motka tired

12 Fly and Pest occupied table

13 Evening sky

14 The rain continued)

15 Mama went to watch TV)



18 Lamour


20 In the morning, the sun got out, the children joy

21 Shishiga



24 Duck

25 Dirty and satisfied, now go on the pillow))

26 Motka overheated in the sun


28 The dog found a bush, terrible joy)

29 and it's all Fenino)))

30 where we sleep, we are not interested in))

31 Motka overheated again, it is today in the shadow of 20 degrees

32 Today I went to the shop trailer, mom decided to meet me, here is the result)



35 and we go to the north)))

36 such stones, along all of the fields can be taken. Paradise for landscape designers. The address in PM!






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