Karelia. p Ohta

Please do not write here about the Ukraine and Crimea, the best lay out your photos. Take a break from politics.

First there will be 29 of my photos. then connect.

traditional landscapes

and of course the sunset / sunrise

a monument of architecture ... as without it)

when getting to the river quickly withdraw from the city of comfort and can sleep under all conditions

and everything they catch)))

catches are different)

Cooking - Cook ... shamanism is a ritual dance performed

when all is well fed and happy

on some berries turn blue and you can

Fishermen come to the rescue ... but do not have to starve

another sunset ...

Kata threshold. Alexander takes to the "PikeĀ»

You want to ride you take after the threshold catamaran, dragging the forest and ride

as it is here so

Spectators with bouquets on the banks

have a good rest in the cold some water ...

small things went well for fat

build bathhouse ...

Girl harvested wood

finishing touches and you can bathe

After the bath is good to swim ... fine bathe with insurance)))

Again scenery


Ying Yang camp))) packaging repair work))

This wonderful child from a neighboring group walked to the bank of this taxi ...

enough for now ... connect)



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