The Americans made a list of "the most bizarre Russian customs"

As posted on the popular American website article provides a list of "the most bizarre customs", which is known to US citizens who are going to visit Russia for the first time.
The author of the article published on the entertainment website Buzzfeed, compiled a list of Russian customs that seem strange to Americans and absurd. The list of "strange" consists of 16 paragraphs below.
Thus, according to the Americans, Russian customs:

1. Dress up for the trip to the store
Russian, especially city dwellers, like to dress up. For example, a beautiful dress and high heels - it's the perfect outfit for a casual walk.

2. Sit down for a minute before the trip (to a track)
He packed his bags, the majority of Russians pause and sit still for a minute before departure.

3. Speak long and convoluted toasts
Only the lazy Russian limited to the phrase "the health" or something similar. Seriously. So get ready to hear the stories and follow them a long speech.

4. Always tell jokes
They may interrupt his narrative to say with relish, "and you know, it reminded me of anecdote," and then tell him, even if it is totally out of place.

5. congratulate each other when exiting the shower or sauna
They say, "Enjoy Your Bath!" In fact, congratulating each other with light steam

6. Answer the question "how are you?" Frank and meaningful
In Russia, the question "how are you?" Suggests a specific answer on the merits, rather than simply "fine, thank you."

7. Do not smile at strangers
Smiling casual passers - it does not matter. The smile should be present, and it should be shared only with friends

8. Celebrate the New Year with more enthusiasm than Christmas
Forget Christmas. Christmas tree, gifts - all for the New Year, in fact it is a real winter holiday.

9. Constantly review the old Soviet cartoons
"Well, wait!" (Russian version of «Tom and Jerry»), «The Bremen Town Musicians", "The Snow Queen" is the most favorite in Russia.

10. Calling all women "girls"
If you have called the waitress, shouting "girl." If you want to ask the address at the 50-year-old woman, you can refer to it "girl." Any woman who is younger than "Grandma" - a "girl."

11. To sit down at the table to eat, and stay behind him for hours
When Russian are going to dinner, they sit, eat and talk. Such conversations can last a very long time.

12. Collect packages
Seriously, the Russian never, never, never throw away packets. Because you never know when they will be needed.

13. make ready for the coming of friends more than you need
And most of the dishes will be fueled tons of mayonnaise.

14. Living with parents
It often happens that all generations - parents, children, grandparents - live together in one apartment.

15. Become familiar with complete strangers and immediately become friends
Then invite them to drink tea in just 10 minutes after the start of the conversation.

16. Do not come to visit without a gift (empty-handed)
The gift can be a dessert or wine if you are invited for dinner, chocolates or flowers (necessarily odd number). Not so important, that this is the main thing - something to bring.


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