Dream high 2 / Inspired by a dream 2 [16/16]

name em>: 드림 하이 2 / Dream High 2
Russian name em>: Inspired by a dream 2
Genre em>: school, drama, comedy, romance
Number of episodes em>: 16
production em>: South Korea

< Plot
In the second season of the Kirin Art School loses status as a leading academy of arts because of financial difficulties, there is a question about its closure. Once released the former band, recruited a new group of students.
OZ Inc brings his own idol, to avoid punishment for violating the law that minors can not work after 22:00. And here begins the competition between Kirin and problematic students Idol ...
< Cast
Kang So Ra as Shin Hye Sung
Jin Woon as Jin Yoo Jin
Im Jae Bum as JB (member of the group I: dn)
Park Ji Yeon as Lian (participant group HershE)
Park Seo Joon as Si Woo (member of the group I: dn)
Hyo Rin as Nana (participant group HershE)
Ailee as Ailee (participant group HershE)


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