City Hunter / City Hunter

name em>: City Hunter
Russian name em>: City Hunter
Hangul em>: 시티 헌터
production em>: South Korea
Release Date em>: 2011
Duration em>: 20 series
Genre em>: the detective action comedy
Translation em>: Russian subtitles or voice.

< Description The history of the drama "City Hunter" begins in October 1983 when, during a visit of the President of South Korea to North Korea, an explosion occurred in the mausoleum of Aung San. After the explosion, the Cabinet of Ministers decides to take revenge and head north a special military unit for a covert operation to eliminate high-ranking military officials in North Korea.
< Cast
* Lee Min Ho - Lee Yoon Son
* Park Min-young - Kim Na Na
* Lee Jong Hyuk - Kim Yong-ju
* Song Hwang Chin Soo Hee chimeric
* Gu Hara - Choi Hye Yes


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