Tunnel with mushrooms: London version the High Line


In London as in new York, there are a number of abandoned objects of transport infrastructure-both terrestrial and underground. These disappearing aimlessly areas, the city authorities decided to turn a new municipal parks. And in order to gather ideas for their refurbishment, was even given the contest, the first place which I gave to the project of turning the old subway tunnel to the farm for mushroom cultivation.


New York's High Line Park, built on old railroad trestle in Manhattan, has become a great example to the world in the sense that illiquid, abandoned objects can be brought back to life. Impressed by the success of new York, London authorities themselves wanted to own such parks, especially because in this city there are many abandoned underground tunnels, old canals and viaducts. Here to collect ideas for the modernization of the whole infrastructure and a competition was announced A High Line for London: Green Infrastructure Ideas Competition. And the winner of this creative competition was the architectural Studio Fletcher Pries, who proposed to turn the old, metrotonnel to the farm for mushroom cultivation.


While everyone will be able to go back along the tunnel will be equipped with sidewalks and even Park benches. Lighting - there will be enough to ensure that people could enjoy walking and even to make modest picnics.


The authors of other projects, organizers of the competition A High Line for London: Green Infrastructure Ideas Competition, offering, for example, build parks on barges floating on the Thames, to transform the old transport channel in a municipal pool or upgrade a rail overpass in the area for Hiking and Cycling.

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