Returning home Marine (25 photos)

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The officers approached the house parents of the deceased soldiers to escort them to the airport, where they will give her son's body.

Parents have handed over personal belongings of the deceased son.

The sergeant says goodbye to fallen comrades

Aunt says goodbye to his nephew

An honor guard accompanied the car with the coffin to the cemetery soldier

Parents see off her son

She regards tombstone under which her friend pokoetsya

The mother of the dead soldier and his friend

Families of the victims receive their awards posthumously

Pregnant woman waiting at the airport of arrival of the aircraft with the body of her husband on board pogibschego

Footman prepares the coffin of the deceased to the funeral ceremony of Comrade

At the sight of the coffin, a woman loses composure

Farewell ...

The girl refused to go home and wanted to spend the last night before the funeral at the coffin with the body of her husband.

Friends of the deceased before the farewell ceremony

Last training clotting flag

The unborn child is saying goodbye to his father

Father mourns son

Before the burial of the body, the Marines who carried the coffin, placed on top of his glove and a red rose.

Honor guard at the funeral

Another posthumous award ...


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