Moscow 1956 at the photographs of French tourists

In September 1956, he arrived in Moscow Jacques Dupâquier - French scholar, historian and demographer, a member of the French Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, and at the same time a Marxist and a member of the French Communist Party. "This freedom in 1956, the USSR was not even in the time of Gorbachev" - recalled in an interview with Jacques Dyupake - "For our delegation, there was no police control, I broke away from the group and spend hours wandering the streets alone. I knew a little Russian and was able to ask for directions. We were in the Soviet Union in interesting times, Soviet society is experiencing a moral catastrophe after Khrushchev's speech at the Twentieth Congress. No one knew what is possible and what is not, I did everything that I wanted, it was especially exciting. I filmed drunk, lying on the central streets of Moscow, and the police, contrary to my expectations, did not try to interfere or take away the camera. " Asked what most surprised him in the Soviet capital, Dyupake replied: "I was amazed that in 1956 Moscow for more than half of the city was made of wood, and outside the central streets of the poverty reigned."


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