Winter floods in Yekaterinburg

In Yekaterinburg, the street mentoring under the bridge on the street. Blucher, broke through the 600-mm tube, which caused traffic congestion. About a hundred meters of road disappeared under a layer of half a meter of water, about a dozen cars stalled and could not get out of the water on their own.
At the same time a 200-mm pipe burst in the center of the city, near the crossroads Malyshev - lane. Bank. Water flooded the streets and went downhill - on Radishcheva. As a result, the longest section of the street was closed between Radishchev Street. 8 March Dobrolyubova - just down the road to the residence of the presidential envoy in the Urals. Here the cars are not drowned, but an extra tube in the central part of the city during the morning rush hour - disaster for hundreds of thousands of people.
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