Christmas tree farm near Berlin Mellensee

Live fragrant trees are in great demand. This year, the forest industry plan to sell about 29 million Christmas trees.
Their implementation depends half of the annual income of these companies.
Buyers carry or take away their Christmas trees that they cut down or even dug up by the roots,
to transplant from his home or in the town square, in a kindergarten or in the park.
By Christmas, Christmas trees will be decorated with garlands and various Christmas decorations, sweets and crackers.
Santa Claus, also referred to as "Saint Nicholas", or simply "the Christmas grandfather" also need herringbone,
he chooses among many others, and calculating its dimensions, and the contents of his wallet. "Chop down our Christmas tree it is at the very root».
Christmas in Germany, as well as throughout Europe - the most important holiday of the year, much loved both children and adults.



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