How to make friends with Roscosmos NASA banned

Some day it is in space, that climb to mind the words containing the letter "P" and "C". Electro-L was ill, but here also the State Department prohibits NASA friends with Roskosmos. Number of comments under news , as it suggests that the question of many worries.

I'll try to clarify a bit on their part, once took up the space program. Especially recently adjacent theme myself raised .

As the news retelling Heathcliff:

... the US government has decided to suspend all contacts with the Russian government, NASA representatives. The ban will affect the travel of representatives of NASA in Russia, teleconferences, invitations Russian officials at the agency facilities, as well as correspondence with them via email. The exception would be working together on the International Space Station and the possibility of meeting at international events in third countries i>.

I do not know anyone here that thought, but for me it is purely demonstrative political gesture, which actually does not affect neither the space program or the relationship of space agencies of the two countries.

Let me explain.

As far as I know, the relationship of the United States and Russia in space are developed in several directions:
1) ISS
2) Delivery of rocket engines for the US Space Program (literally today flew American military apparatus on our engines).
3) The participation of the Institute of Space Research projects LEND, HEND and DAN for the Study of the Moon and Mars.
4) Participation American radio astronomers in the international project "Radioastron».

Now in order.

ISS - everything is clear - a unique international project, which is unparalleled in history. Close it because of some political squabbles - top recklessness. Freeze it too, can not - will fall. So we pull together.

Deliveries rocket engines also do not fold. Firstly, the US has brought the engines until 2017. Secondly, I know how to love Habre private space company SpaceX, but the United Launch Alliance (Lockheed Martin and Boeing), Orbital Sciences, Sierra Nevada Corporation and others - is also a private company. Therefore, any restrictions on the relationship of state officials - they totally up to the lantern. Perhaps, such a ban could affect the conclusion of future contracts that require the participation of government representatives. But while these talks about something you can not hear, and if they are carried out on the sly, that nobody finds out that the ban violated the State Department. And occurs in the neutral zone was not forbidden. The world is a bunch of aerospace shows and conferences where everyone can go and quietly negotiate anything.

The joint study of Mars and the moon, too, is not terminated or suspended.

It's very simple: scientists - is not the officials. They collaborate and communicate was not forbidden. Yes, even if I try and do it, something tells me that they do not really even listen to it. Russian drivers rover, while in Moscow, as led Curiosity, and lead (or rather shell neutrons Mars). Russian nuclear physics as studied Mars and the Moon orbit and study.

And yet such a moment: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is engaged in management of interplanetary spacecraft NASA - too commercial organization. Therefore, a ban on them too does not apply.

& Quot; Radioastron & quot; - The same thing.

Upd: explanation from the head of the scientific program of the "Radioastron" Yuri Kovalev Jurevicha:

NASA came out of all the "spectrum" of many years ago ...
Now the situation is changing slowly.
And, for example, for the last six months RadioAstron I worked hard to attract the 70-meter DSN antenna at NASA's Goldstone for observations with radio astronomer, as one of many ground-based telescopes. But with this, I expect nothing will come out of the recent decisions of the State Department, and the consequences for NASA. But since they (Goldstone) and not yet begun to work with us, accordingly, the loss is also not name.

Another two antennas of NASA DSN work with us in Robledo & Tidbinbilla (Spain). On they desire it through its (national) time and NASA should have no bearing on them for this.

Our contract on the tracking station in Green Bank (US) does not have any relation to NASA.

Our interaction with other ground-based telescopes overseas (Japan, Australia, Korea, China, Europe, USA and others.) Work on the principle of scientific collaborations and symmetric principle open skies (open access to observing time for all through the call for proposals). It is because of the fact that we built our work on this principle, and not on the principle of political cooperation between the two countries, I do not see any negative effects of the recent well-known events. Blockquote>

Ie as I have already said, the current bans could affect the negotiations regarding any future joint projects. But I have not heard of such. Now we have more agreements with Europe, for example, on the same or ExoMars JUICE. The European Space Agency in the current situation behaves much calmer. Russia named for ExoMars two rockets to Mars promised at its own expense, such a gift ESA hardly refuse.

The whole situation is ugly, but IMHO this is purely demonstrative gesture, such as last year's off NASA .

Upd1: Although there less optimistic viewpoint.
Upd2: And yet . It seems that the situation has not materially affect the basic program, but by training and joint conferences will strike no longer pretend.
Upd3: another opinion from the other side.



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