The three friends: a lion, a tiger and a bear (17 photos)

In the zoo, the American city of Locust Grove in Georgia Leo the Lion, the Bengal tiger Shere Khan and Baloo the bear live together. Recently, all three moved into a new enclosure with wooden house and an artificial lake, where they can be seen by visitors. In the new home for predators spent $ 25 thousand.

- Eight years ago they confiscated from local drug lords and brought to us, - says zoo director Diane Smith. - They were for two months, they behaved like brothers, and lived together. They kept indoors, because there was no money for a new aviary. Now they can watch over visitors. Nowhere in the world you will not see these three predators together. Smith said that the most friendly tiger and bear. They wake up early and all the time together: amuse each other, swimming in the lake. Leo sleeps most of the day. - They never fight, - says the owner of the zoo Jama Hedzhkot. - Sometimes, to warm up, piling on top of each other and so are asleep.


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