Industrial climbers and their victims (12 photos)

Young man named Andrei, judging by the photos, the industrial climber, started in LiveJournal blog titled "This is our work».
In a blog post, he not only put pictures of broken ice machine bombing, but also proudly informs interested: "It's so fun to ditch the car and commune know that for you it will be nothing».
Young people not only did not hide his face, but bloggers and openly shows a photo of themselves on the background of mangled cars.

Moreover, the "employee" states that the victims of car owners know who broke his car, but did it for it will not. It is understood that the views in the blogosphere once divided, such "work" immediately found both supporters and opponents of wanting him to a fate similar to what he did with cars.

In an open question one of the users, "Why? Postrav yourself in the car owners. And if your car would be in this situation ?! You say thanks to the people who did it? "The young man says Andrew already renewed his exploits album titled" Fresh »

- "Work for us this). And the name she INDUSTRIAL ALPINISM ... and actually we just intentionally hired workers, the building manager said throw and ... that means throw.
I just paid the money, "- explains the reason for his" exploits "worker. (author's text is stored).


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