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Of course, I expected to see on the streets of Iraq razdolbayki twenties. Even I imagined how we would go to the mountains to live barely Volkswagen minibus. Wrong. After all, Iraq has oil and machine there basically brand new, though not without the local characteristics. The first of them - a mandatory bundle of napkins on the dashboard, is found in 80 percent of cases. Love of napkins I could not understand, but they are everywhere: in homes, cafes, car, even in the stores sell specially made wooden boxes where they can be inserted and beautiful place on the table. The second - an obligatory seat in cellophane wrap. The fact that in the back of airbag can be placed here nobody cares, however, seat belts, they also do not enjoy.

Further more interesting. The roof and hood of the car will not be charged the factory protective "paper" and things that protect the door from "pokotsaniya" when opening.

Well, it is still possible to understand - more whole will be some time

But they do not remove the paper and the factory markings!

Moreover, they even pasted them specifically if they suddenly take in head off

And it is not by nischebrodstva, they are even on very expensive cars. By the way, a large Kruzak Iraqis called Monica. To the question: "Why?", Thinking said that car is as beautiful as the Lewinsky. I suggested that he got into the car as if you swallow, but they did not understand the joke, apparently translating disappoint.

Stickers have even on older machines

Very often, they interfere with the review

Would you ride with the triangle on lobovuhe?

So the question is: why Iraqi drivers do not remove all the bells and whistles? Frankly, it was hard to know the answer, they got out, gave a false version, but in the end the truth, I still learned. The answer will do an update in the middle of the day. Comments do not hide.

And here is our not so old, as it turned out, minibusik in which we traveled. The driver Salam liked our label and he even said that he would not take them off.

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