Transportation giraffes

Maybe these shots taken February 9 in Kenya, will remind you of the children's drawing
book or the story of Noah's ark. In the photo - transportation of rare four giraffes
Rothschild, which scientists have decided to convey to the new habitat,
on an island in Lake Baringo Kenya.

1. The Rothschild Giraffe also known as the Baringo - one of the rarest subspecies of giraffe, named after the famous English zoologist Walter Rothschild Lionel.

2. February 9 Rothschild giraffes four individuals were transported by water on a private island in the waters of Lake Baringo in Kenya.

3. It is - one of the first cases of transporting giraffes on water. It was organized and sponsored by luxury tourist camps on the island where the animals inhabit.

4. These animals are difficult enough to transport from place to place. In the carriage is necessary to constantly maintain a head of a giraffe at a certain height in order to avoid a brain hemorrhage.


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