Legendary show business stars who have left the young (33 photos)

Life star - bright flash. Their publicity - a theatrical performance, which often ends in tragedy. Most Discussed event - it is their departure from life. The show must go on even if ...

Tupac Shakur - American rapper, actor and social activist.

Hit the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful hip-hop artist, having sold a total of more than 75 million albums.

Tupac was gunned down in 1996, the killers have not been found. The first rapper to whom a monument.

The history of the rise and fall of the American sexy blonde named Norma Jean Mortensen, better known as Marilyn Monroe, known to everyone from young to old. Final clarity around her untimely death 5 August 1962 did not come

And probably will not come, because of a variety of versions involved in either the Kennedy brothers, or the mafia. Hardly anyone would allow sully the reputation of the youngest and beloved president of the United States, too, the mystery of his death remains unsolved. The photo Monroe and Kennedy.


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