Legendary show business stars who have left the young (33 photos)

Life star - bright flash. Their publicity - a theatrical performance, which often ends in tragedy. Most Discussed event - it is their departure from life. The show must go on even if ...

Tupac Shakur - American rapper, actor and social activist.

Hit the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful hip-hop artist, having sold a total of more than 75 million albums.

Tupac was gunned down in 1996, the killers have not been found. The first rapper to whom a monument.

The history of the rise and fall of the American sexy blonde named Norma Jean Mortensen, better known as Marilyn Monroe, known to everyone from young to old. Final clarity around her untimely death 5 August 1962 did not come

And probably will not come, because of a variety of versions involved in either the Kennedy brothers, or the mafia. Hardly anyone would allow sully the reputation of the youngest and beloved president of the United States, too, the mystery of his death remains unsolved. The photo Monroe and Kennedy.

There are versions of the truth that Marilyn died of an overdose of drugs or committed suicide. But before you photograph the actress made a few hours before his death. It seems that it is not going to die ...

Last Photo. Officially, Marilyn Monroe committed suicide.

Another legendary American rapper Notorious Big (Notorious BIG), multi-platinum debut album "Ready To Die".

Drug dealer sitting, recorded and produced album ... He died March 9, 1997 from his wounds after his "Chevrolet" fired from a passing car. There are many theories about the death of Biggie, the most popular of them claims that he was a victim of the war between rappers western and eastern coasts, and that the death of Notorious was payback for Tupac's murder in September 1996.

Jim Morrison ... When he was only four years old, in the state of New Mexico was something that he later described as one of the most important events of his life on the road overturned truck with the Indians, and their bloody bodies strewn along the road. "The first time I discovered death (...) I think at the moment the souls of those dead Indians, can one or two of them floated around, writhing, and moved into my soul, I was like a sponge, readily absorbed them».

Destiny Jim was a downhill along an inclined straight line: drunkenness, arrests for indecent behavior and fighting with the police, the conversion of an idol for girls in thick bearded slut. In 1971, the jaded rock star goes with his girlfriend Pamela Carson in Paris - relax and work on a book of poems, where he soon died.

Around his death are still rumors. The cause of death is called an overdose of drugs. Jim Morrison is buried in Paris at Pere Lachaise cemetery. His tomb has become a place of cult worship of the fans use up it and the neighboring grave inscriptions about his love for the idol, and lines from the songs The Doors.

Anna Nicole Smith - "New Marilyn Monroe," a stripper to seduce an elderly billionaire to death fighting for his legacy, did not have any specific intelligence or outstanding natural data: to create his chest, she underwent several plastic surgery and has managed to become an icon of " Playboy "mid-90s.

February 8th, 2007 Anna Nicole was found in a hotel in Florida in an unconscious state. On the way to the hospital, she died. Draft - drug overdose. In her room the police found drugs.

Life of Anna Nicole was tragically cut short in 39 years - but after the death of her name continues to appear in the newspapers mostly in the category «scandals».

John Lennon - founder and member of the group «The Beatles», poet, composer, artist, social activist.

In December 1980, Lennon was murdered by a mentally unstable US citizen Mark Chapman five shots in the back.

Lennon Chapman gives an autograph. Last lifetime photo.

Michael Hutchence, lead singer band INXS: November 22, 1997 at the age of 37 years, hanged himself at his own belt ...

Before his death, Hutchence mixed cocaine, vodka, beer, champagne and an antidepressant and drank it all. However, there is a version that he was killed during a sexual experiment, in which a man has an orgasm from suffocation ... But despite the fact that the police acknowledged some oddities in this death, the final version is still considered to be a suicide.

They say that Michael is still the nightmares Kylie Minogue ... That's the two of them in the picture, they had a wonderful novel.

Michael Jackson - one of the most successful artists in history, winner of 14 Grammy Awards and dozens of other prizes; It has sold about 750 million albums Jackson.

Not only creativity, but also of Jackson's personal life attracted the attention of the press: unusual changes its appearance as a result of which the skin of Michael became light; his illness; trials in which he was accused of child molestation, but was acquitted.

He died in 2009 as a result of an overdose of propofol, the entered the doctor.

Kurt Cobain - the leader of the group Nirvana. Having become an international celebrity, he was proclaimed "voice of a generation».

Cobain childhood differed poor health also used drugs, smoked a lot, tried to commit suicide.

April 8, 1994, Cobain's body at his home near Lake Washington in Seattle found electrician who came to install the security system. The body of the musician was not noticeable any injuries, except for a small amount of blood from the ear, chest lay a gun. According to one version of the investigation, Cobain introduced himself dose of heroin is not compatible with life and shot himself in the head with a gun. Also criminologists have concluded that Kurt died April 5 his body lay in the house for several days. There is speculation about the deliberate murder of Kurt ...

In the American Newsweek magazine published extracts from the diaries of the late, of which it is clear that the musician has planned suicide two years before he committed. In his notes Cobain wrote that he wanted to kill himself, to do away with terrible stomach pains from which he suffered the last years of his life. By the way, according to Kurt, these pains are the reason that he started using drugs, which allegedly facilitated his suffering. "It was so bad, - he wrote the musician - that I bought a gun and wanted to shoot himself. Instead, once again hooked on drugs ».

Heath Ledger - Australian and, later, a Hollywood actor. The second actor in history (after Peter Finch), who was awarded the prize "Oscar" posthumously.

Ledger's life was cut short by 28 year. Those who have seen the actor before his death, saying that he was suffering from depression. January 22, 2008 he was found dead in his New York apartment in Manhattan.

An autopsy could not establish the exact cause of death, therefore, was required to conduct additional toxicological examination, the results of which has been declared the official cause of Ledger's death - acute intoxication due to the combined action of painkillers, sleeping pills and sedatives ...

Brittany Murphy - star of films "Sin City," "Eight Mile».

She died in late 2009 as a result of the accident. The cause of cardiac arrest actress became a multiple overdose of drugs on the background of pneumonia and iron deficiency anemia. A few months later in the same way he died and her husband.


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