The hotel is out of the garbage in Madrid

In Madrid, there was a hotel from the debris. The frame of a small two-storey building made of wood.
Its walls are covered with a variety of waste, and inside there are five rooms. They live 10
the most active volunteers. All the garbage was collected at one of the local beaches
or fished out of the water. The main purpose of the action - the protection of the environment.

January 20, 2011 in Madrid has opened a hotel out of the garbage, designed by German artist Hans Schulte.

On the construction of the hotel took 12 tons of garbage from the beaches of Spain, Italy, France and Belgium, dumps and flea markets. Hotel in the center of the capital of Spain in the Plaza de Callao was built entirely from waste in protest against the pollution of the oceans.

But who wants to live in the garbage? Everything has a logical explanation. Before the hotel there is a big poster on it the inscription "If we do nothing, your tomorrow will be the vacation." Founders of the project wanted to draw public attention to the problem of environmental pollution.

Special wishes can even spend the night at the hotel. But if anyone dares to take such a step, it should be remembered that the hotel no heating, no water. But there is a composting toilet, designed for 10 people and a fridge full of empty beer cans. The entire interior is also made of garbage.


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