Bagger 288 - the biggest machine in the world (20 photos)

Bagger 288 - excavator, built in 1978 by the German company Krupp for the company Rheinbraun.
Why such colossus? Adhering to the correct terminology - for stripping and mining operations. Namely, for the opening and development of mineral deposits, such as coal; for digging trenches for gas and oil pipelines, communication cables, pipelines and sewage district heating.
Its weight of about 13, 5 thousand tons, the length - 240 meters, height - 96 meters, width - 46 meters. This "monster" in height comparable to the height of Moscow's "skyscrapers" with a length of "boom" of more than 200 m at the end of which is a rotor with buckets. The rotor itself the size of an 8-storey building. But particularly impressive sight mounted on it creates a half dozen buckets 6 6 cubic meters each. And of course, the case that administers this colossus, dazzling. During the day, he shovels 240 thousand cubic meters of rock. It's like a bowl to fill a football stadium to a height of 10-storey building.


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