Jennifer Aniston put up for sale House

Jennifer more than two years of service this spacious mansion in Beverly Hills, an area of ​​800 square meters. m. As recently as last year, she enthusiastically talked about his amazing house magazine Architectural Digest, which "literally vibrates with love to build it." Perhaps that is why now more than a bombshell sounded a message of a film star put his "miracle" for sale.

"I can not sleep in it - Jennifer admitted in an interview with People, - and, therefore, decided that the time has come when I needed simplicity. And with that thought came another: I have to sell the house, because he is too big for me. "

However, feeling the sensations, but the material side of things Jennifer Aniston does not forget. Ohana - so she called his "dream house" (in Hawaiian means "big family") - Anniston exposed for 42 million dollars, but paid for it in 2006, "only" 13, 5 million.


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