Old Photo Album

Interesting photo project Irina Werning (Irina Werning) from Buenos Aires, which is called the Back to the Future, is based on the idea of ​​recreating the old photos from childhood.

Collect your project she started last year, offering everyone who wants to find in his cool baby photo archive and reproduce the, former reality, but with myself today. How do people manage to find clothes and accessories that are identical to those that were put to them 20 or even more years ago - one of the mysteries of "Back to the Future".

At first, Irina "toyed" with your photos and albums relatives and those close to her, and then moved to the friends, and even strangers, who were interested in the project. Probably, some activists sent her pictures of his "then" and "now" for comparing and processing, so that the collection diptychs is becoming more and more diverse.


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