Moscow in paints

In this collection presents unique photos Moscow 30s. Traveller Branson De Koo, made these pictures, and in the future, they were painted with aniline dyes. Lovers of antiquity should enjoy this post, I recommend.

The Kremlin views from the Big Stone Bridge

View of the Kremlin from Moscow River bridge Big

View Moskvoretskaya street and Vasilevsky descent from the Great Moscow River bridge

Faceted Chamber. Red Porch

Annunciation Cathedral of the Kremlin and the Red Porch

Bell Tower "Ivan the Great»

Red Square


Resurrection (Iberian) gate

Sverdlov Square (Teatralnaya)

Theatre Way towards Lubyanka Square


2nd Moscow Art Theatre (Central Children's Theater)


Kuznetsky Most Street


Soviet area

Campaigning in the Soviet area

Soviet area. Lenin Institute

Good area

Tverskaya Zastava

Christ the Savior Cathedral

Christ the Savior Cathedral in

Novodevichy Convent

Pyatnitskaya street near the church Paraskeva

Church of the Resurrection in Sokolniki

Healer Panteleimon Chapel Athos

Here and below - the Park of Culture and Rest. Gorky

Sukharev Tower

Vladimirsky Gate on Lubyanka Square

House of Culture of the plant "Rubber»

The House of Culture named after SM Zueva

Rusakov Club Union Kommunalnik

Moiseevskaya area. View future Manezh Square.

Moiseevskaya area. "We rode the tram Ilf and Petrov» :)

Somewhere in the old Moscow ...

Foreign photographers have Mostorg

A foreigner and Muscovites

Seller drinks

"The best service - working»

Demonstration in Krasnoprudnaya

Perhaps in Torgsin

Queues at Pyatnitskaya

Exchange Square and Blyuherovsky lane

Sokolniki. Green Theatre.

Sylvester Stallone ancestor trading at the Kitai-Gorod wall :)

"Sojuzpechat" in the Kitai-Gorod wall

Parking at the Leningrad station.

The driver on Stromynka


Factory-kitchen №1

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