Thunderstorm Philippine roads - dzhipni

About this wonderful invention Filipino drivers certainly says anyone who had visited the island in the magic country! And this time, for some reason I do not want to be original ... So I'll make a minute, and I contribute to the world dzhipnivedenie ... I wonder if there is such a science? Well, no - it means to be !!! ;)

So, get acquainted - the storm Philippine roads - dzhipni !!!

I'm sure the first picture is difficult to understand what it so special and what distinguishes it from conventional SUV ... And if you look at it from a different angle? A bit like a cross between a jeep with a taxi, is not it? ;)

The fact that at a time when US troops were holding their military bases on Philippine territory, they have accumulated a lot of old dilapidated jeep they were in no hurry to throw away - and gave nimble Filipinos who have found great use for them!

Podrazobrali sensitive, we attached a long body - and rrraz - preotlichneyshy carriage ready for use !!! Why not a taxi? ;)


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