67 years - not age for a woman who bequeathed silicone breast

The unusual story of 67-year-old Joan Lloyd, who married her husband of 29-year-old guy, once buried her lawful husband;)

This 67-year-old Joan Lloyd - a devoted and loving wife, not so long ago buried their husband. And now Joan is going to increase breast and marry a 29-year-old guy, but not just so, and to fulfill the last wish of her late husband. For her husband, who was seriously ill, she cared for 15 years, and before his death he said that when he was gone, it would be good to increase the breast, as well as to find a young lover.
And Joan had almost completed his covenant: breast augmentation surgery has already been done, a marriage proposal from a guy who is younger than her 38 years, we find there are only a wedding. The couple have not yet decided on a wedding date, but both say they are very happy that we found each other.
Here it happens)) See more photos on her;)


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