Photos from the set of the legendary film

Be sure to look further at quite rare footage, which were made during the filming of domestic films.

Heart of a Dog

"Cruel Romance»

L.Gayday and S.Svetlichnaya while filming "The Diamond Arm»

"Twenty Days Without War»

Z.Gerdt, G. Gorin and E.Ryazanov on the set of "On the poor hussar say the word»

Leading actors' Love and doves "and the locals


E.Ryazanov requests Novoseltseva not afraid Lyudmila Prokofievna

"The venue can not be changed»

L.Kuravlev N.Varley and preparing important scenes filming "Wii»

"Gori Gori my star»
O.Efremov trains clean crayfish

"Andrei Rublev»

"Eternal Call»


"A Hunting Accident»


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