Top 7 exciting moments in the life of Yuri Levitan

I advise you to get acquainted with the most interesting facts from the life of the great speaker of the XX century by name - Yuri Levitan.

1. Yuri Levitan childhood was endowed with his expressive voice, she has been dubbed the pipe. Moms who could not dozvatsya spree children often asked George to call them.

2. Fame and recognition came, literally, in one day. At night he read over the radio from a newspaper article, for the transfer to the regions. It was during this time he worked in his office, Stalin. Hearing expressive voice Levitan, he immediately telephoned the chairman of the Radio Committee and said that his report should be read tomorrow newscaster who has just passed the newspaper articles. So 19-year-old man has become the most popular man of the USSR.

3. Despite the rapid recognition of his talent, Yuri continued to work hard on his speech. Get rid of the "Ocana", working on diction, sometimes even read the texts, standing on his head.

4. To secure the best voice of the country during the war, it was a lot of security measures taken. Spreading false rumors about the appearance of Levitan, it has been put to him protection, and he is always up to the station was getting different roads.

5. Precautions once played against Rumer. When he tried to get on the radio to report the victory, he did not miss the crowd. They said that now would be a message Levitan, so let it does not interfere ... I had to flee to the other radio receiving station.

6. After the divorce from his wife in 1949. Levitan was living with her daughter and mother-in which he adored. In-law, although the former, it was nicer than anyone in the world, and she gladly daily cooked his favorite vinaigrette.

7. Yuri Levitan was the first of the speakers who was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR.



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