Unpretentious German train

Let's look at an ordinary German "train", which every day carries passengers from the airport in Berlin.

The train has just about anything and even a bit more! Wi-fi, electrical outlets, newspapers, clean toilet, playground for bicycles. The fare from the airport into the city - 3 euros! Words: three euros! Log in at the station is free, but tickets for travel, most require validation that can be done only at the stations themselves, but not inside the trains. Ticket control is already in train, the penalty for stowaways - 40 euros. Control procedure "obilechennyh" usually lasts until the first catch of the stowaway (the vast majority of passengers, of course, and do not dare to think about the possibility of a ride for free). After that, the offender is planted, will be charged 40 euros and rewrite passport data. For those caught more than twice the corresponding application is made to the police.

Incredibly clean! Right obscenely clean.

Electrical sockets are installed on the ceiling of the car.

Huge, almost panoramic windows from which to watch the flying by the window views - incredible fun.

Convenient interactive menu with exact time of arrival at each station. And tellingly, the train arrives on the dot, the beauty!

Infinitely beautiful folding boxes hidden under the trim tables. It is a pity that there is no underneath openers for beer, by analogy with our long-distance trains. I remember in early childhood crashed with the second shelf on the table where rested peacefully smoked chicken, boiled eggs and sausage sandwiches.



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