How to make your own hands personal laser weapons.

Today I'll show you how to make your own hands personal laser weapons. Read more;)

This requires a source of energy in the 3, 6 volts, the old glue gun, duct tape (necessarily blue), switch a few wires, two resistors 1 Omu, two capacitors and ... (voice Zadornov) Type of air in the chest !!!
... Old DVD drive, or rather its optical part.
Soldering iron in hand, the textbook for the ninth grade in physics we place on the contrary, and begin to wield.
It turns out that's such a thing as the picture below. Someone might say: "Feee ... Is not it easier to buy ordinary Chinese laser flashlight?ยป
Comparative characteristics of key parameters:
China Pointer - 5 microvolts
Our "weapon" - 250 microvolts !!!

Martial features and applications:

- Ignites a match at the moment.
- You can ignite dry grass. Three minutes starts smoking ember from a campfire.
- You can pop the balloons ugly children. If the ball is filled with hydrogen, then you can enjoy twice.
- You can hunt ducks. Calling it directs the eye of the weapon, goes to show the way a duck blind.
- You can give signals to aliens, that you have saved in the midst of the taiga. By the way, do not point to itself "flying saucer" - the pilot blind, and you have been together to signal for rescue.

Not in any way, do not point it at the device planes and other equipment.


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