The best scientific imagery 2013

Let's look at the amazing science images that have been made this year.
Tidal waves in the Chinese province of Zhejiang

In September, the tourists took pictures of the tidal wave caused by the strong typhoon in Zhejiang Province of China. The storm killed two people in the Philippines, and the number of victims in Taiwan reached 9 people.

The photographer captured the extraordinary "humanity" animal

British photographer Tim Fletch created a series of photos titled "More Than Human", which reflected the emotions of animals wildlife close-up, including this stunning picture of a wet Tiger.

"Suicidal" Antarctic journey has reached the first stage of

In January Ranulph Fiennes and his team of 5 people set sail to conquer the Antarctic continent during the winter months (it should be noted, before him such attempts did not take one). In this photo, the ship first reached the polar ice floes - large chunks of floating ice that move into one solid mass.

This colorful corn - not fake!

This year's corn «Glass Gem» became available to the general public. This painted a rainbow of colors corn can now be purchased on the Internet through Native Seeds / Search - a non-profit environmental organization.

Giant telescope will be able to make the most accurate pictures of the night sky

Giant Magellan Telescope boasts its resolution 10 times higher than the capacity of the space telescope "Hubble". The photo is just an art visualization, but the actual telescope is expected to be launched in the north of Chile in 2010.

Aurora in the morning hours in the Arctic

Such a spectacular light show created by the rapid motion of charged particles from the Sun, who are faced with Earth's magnetic field at both poles.

Photographer Nick Brandt captures the stone sculptures at Lake Natron in Tanzania

In the pictures animals are more like stone statues, in fact, in this phenomenon is due to the high content of salt and soda ash in the lake.

Walk through Peru showed the danger fraught climate change

Journalist Justin Katanoso, biology professor Miles Silmon and his team made a trek through the National Park of Manu, to see for themselves the wonders of the rain forest of Peru. After climbing to 13,000 feet above sea level, they started their journey above the clouds.

An amazing composite image shows us, it looks like the Sun during a total solar eclipse

In this photo taken in November during a solar eclipse, you can see how the sun went behind the moon. You can also see the outflow of the solar corona - charged particles coming from the surface of the sun, which can be seen during an eclipse, when the real mass of the star dimmed.

Chicago Fire made a fire in the ice

January 23 fire brigade fought the raging fire in a warehouse in Chicago. But because of the extremely low temperatures, the warehouse turned into an ice castle.

Etna volcano produces perfect smoke rings

The eruption on the volcano Etna this year, changed the form of its crater, which is why from a volcano out perfect smoke rings.

Geyser Strokkur in Iceland erupts every 4-8 minutes, releasing a stream of water height of 130 feet

This is because the hot magma under the earth heats the water until steam is not eject it from the hole in the ground.

In May, scientists for the first time managed to take a picture of the hydrogen chemical bond

That expense of these links formed a double chain DNA molecules and the water acquires its unique properties.

Incredible pictures of wildlife from the competition National Geographic Traveler

Cafes in Cusco in Peru has become a favorite place of wild parrots who come here to eat seeds and fruit left for them. Photographer Adam Lihtzayn made a picture of a curious toddler, looking out of the sheet to be considered as a photographer. Apparently amused him a strange man with the camera, because Parrot has allowed the photographer to get closer to the camera was able to better highlight its beautiful feathers.

Finally, scientists have found the real purpose of sleep

Sleep researchers discovered tubule (shown in blue), formed by the reduction of neurons that allow brain clean of unnecessary information during sleep.

These massive mirror will provide people with the Norwegian city of sunlight

Giant mirror set on the hillside, are designed to carry the town of Rjukan sunlight throughout the winter. Being in the shadow of the mountains, the city does not get direct sunlight in the period from September to March. The mirrors adjust so that, following the sun, they reflect the light down on the city.

The best ever created a 3-D map of the Milky Way

With the help of the two blocks of data from the European Space Observatory (ESO), the researchers were able to design the most accurate to date, the 3-D map of the Milky Way.

Scientists have discovered a new species of mammals living in Ecuador

Olinguito - exactly call this fascinating carnivorous animal found in North and South America. A relative of the raccoon, Olinguito very nice.

Chinese beaches turned green due to the flowering smelly "sea lettuce»

Record algal blooms "Entomorfa prorostayuschego" filled the Chinese Shandong beaches. Although they are not toxic to people, other marine life seaweed collected most of oxygen than do great harm to the ecosystem.

The Chinese could be seen even from space

This satellite image shows how acute was the problem of smog for the country. Air pollution in some parts of China exceeds 40 times the established standards of the World Health Organization.

Astrophotographer Bill Snyder was able to film «The Cygnus Wall», the most active star-forming region in the constellation Cygnus

Snyder took this picture during the 18 hours in the observatory Heavens Mirror in the Sierra Nevada. To achieve high-quality images, for his work, he used a telescope Planewave 17. «The Cygnus Wall» is one of the highest concentrations of star formation. It is located about 1,800 light years from Earth.

The most spectacular photos from the life of wildlife

Photographer of the United States watching a female jaguar tried to attack the male near the river in Brazil, captured the moment on film.

Photographer Sergey Gorshkov witnessed the eruption of a volcano "Flat Tolbachik»

The volcano erupted 1 time for 36 years. Photo is among the winners of the competition Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 2013.

This is an aerial photograph the beauties of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

The park consists of the Cascade lakes, which change color from green and blue to gray. The lake was formed from the natural dams that are filled with water.


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